dream, a little dream

A dream you dream alone, is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality- john lennon

Berkongsi berita tentang band kami Society  the malay mail petang semalam (24/jan/2011)

Towards a more open Society

Monday, January 24th, 2011 18:28:00
The band started in 1992, as Circle of Friends

FOR all the news about how bad the music industry is doing, it is some­what comforting to see some people keeping the faith – enough to still be able to get bands like Society dream­ing.

“We definitely want to take our music to the masses and share it with more people,” said band member Amin Iskandar.

“We don’t want to just cater to mu­sicians, but want to make sure more people enjoy our music,” said Meor Yu­sof Aziddin, who writes most – if not all – of the songs for Society.

It is ironic that Society used to be more known amongst a circle of musi­cians, even though they played what they call ‘progressive folk’. The ‘folk’ part can be deceptive, though, as any­one who has ever learned music histo­ry – or has access to Wikipedia – can attest that the legacy of progressive folk as an established construct start­ed in the first part of the 20th century, linking both the progressive politics and folk revival of the time.

Society’s own legacy and history, is just as colourful as their musical choice.

“The band started in 1992, as ‘Circle of Friends’,” said Meor, who is the only remaining member of the original So­ciety. “We peaked with our song Holo­caust in My Head.”

The original Society line-up was produced by Joe Kidd and while members who went their separate ways started their own music careers as part of other bands such as Naked Butterfly, Meor released nine solo al­bums.

Now, more than 18 years later, he has decided to revive the band’s name as well as its music to try and get it out to the public.

Joining him are fellow music enthu­siasts Amin Iskandar and visual artist Ili Farhanna, who does the vocals.

“We were just jamming, some­times auditioning for a vocalist,” said Amin. “And while all of us have known each other for a while, it wasn’t until we jammed together with Ili that we found out she could sing! And that her vocals suit the songs we were playing.”

Both Amin and Ili are interested in folk music and forming a band that plays that kind of tunes appealed to them. Meor meanwhile, seems to ap­preciate anything that allows him to be creative and explore themes he is interested in.

“Our songs will be about mortal­ity, humanity and love,” said Meor. “I grew up with literature and hope the masses can enjoy what we bring to the industry.”

Society is currently recording their album, which hopes to be released by middle of this year. The songs will also include strings as well as some tal­ented sessionists. It will be recorded at KRU studios.

In an effort to make Society’s music more appealing, the trio has decided to include Bahasa Malaysia songs, established their own management company, CRGcommunications, as well as relying on the Internet to spread the word. The band already has a Facebook page and uploaded their jamming sessions on YouTube.

“We will also look into ringtone downloads and any other means to get our music to the public,” said Amin. You can sample some of their stuff at http://www.youtube.com/user/societytheband or visit their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/so­cietytheband. Alternatively, there is http://www.crgcommunication.com.

And if you want to see Meor playing live, he is sometimes seen busking at KL Sentral – as the only performer to be given a busking license by KTMB.


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