thinking about #permaculture

last night my twitter when nuts about the #pricehike issues when they annouce the hike price in electricity. Some asked “banyak ke naik” some say, “only 7% saja”…and some even said “semua di dunia ni naik, malaysian patut bersyukur”

As for me, I think its time to think about solution that need to be done now. sorry and No…I’m not aspecting from the goverment malaysia to provide the solution, because I know they wont bother and  its a waste of time and will upset me hoping for a change that will never happen. I’m not even expecting the other opposition to fight for us…like I said I never trust any politician and I still dont trust any politic party (yet)…

up up up

We all know, they are going to rise the price anyway, one price rise…everything will follow, from transportation, to food, daily expenses etc. but are we just going to comment and get upset about this…I’m just tired getting angry and I dont want to waste special time with my family and ruin it because of this unwell management done by the govt/people controlling the system and resources…. SERIOUSLY FUCK THEM!

So last night I saw a tweet from @PermaMedia on the power of community in cuba. The article is about a docu film in CUBA during 1990’s how the Cubans they responded to an artificially imposed “Peak Oil”, when the fall of the Soviet Union caused the loss of most food and oil imports. In this film, it shows  how Cuba coped with a sudden lack of energy for modern infrastructure.

rooftop and courtyard container gardens in Havana and several provincial cities

Electricity was available sporadically. Lacking substitutes for fossil-fuel-based farming, food production was devastated. The average Cuban lost 20 pounds.Morgan shows us the innovative responses of the Cuban people. We see city-dwellers planting urban gardens on every available plot, using permaculture and organic farming to reclaim soils destroyed by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These local farmers reconnect with their neighbors and willingly supply free food to elders, schools, workers, and pregnant women.  The power of community

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil - Documentary Film

I was inspired reading how the cubans finds ways and solution to tackle the price hike issues…

“We also see how Cuba coped with a sudden lack of energy for modern infrastructure. Without fuel for cars, Cubans walked, carpooled, and rode buses. They even massively adopted the bicycle, despite the prior absence of a cycling culture. We also see Cubans creatively reducing energy consumption in their homes and workplaces and implementing small-scale renewable energy projects.”

Event the CUBA Goverment can provide something to their people;

“To increase food production, the government divided state farms into smaller private farms and cooperatives. With smaller farms and local control, farmers replaced fossil fuels with labor-intensive practices, animal power, and Cuban-developed biopesticides and biofertilizers, resulting in increased per-acre productivity.
To help people survive, the Cuban government even expanded their free, localized medical system.

Can or will goverment malaysia do this for us? ask yourself…I think they would or can give another promises if and during election…ha ha.

So again what will you do?

For me and my family;

1) We will start investing in garden tools and seeds to start our permaculture garden.

2) will spend time with kids to garden together

3) Less TV during weekend cos there will be a lot of gardening things to be done together under the lovely sun.. 🙂

4)walk and take bus ride to park…

5)if the garden success we hope to Share what we have with our neighbor 🙂

what we can do together *HUGSS*

6) continue pressure the rapidKL to perform better and be more fucking punctual so that more people can take public transportation to work. (write on blog, twitter to them, put on your status, tag them on your complains… review their performance etc etc)

7) or how about guerilla gardening, or start a community garden at state/govt own land :P…oh we have one near my house, anyone is up with the idea, do keep in touch or send me your email 🙂

anyway, be strong people and come on lets plan and work together for better future…fuck the theories,politics and politician! be the people that can governed our own life.


Economist: Expect food prices to go up, too

news source: malaysiakini

Food prices are expected to increase with the announcement of electricity tariff hikes, as the food production industry are major users of electricity.

NONEAccording to Ratings Agency Malaysia chief economist Yeah Kim Leng (right), the industry would be heavily affected by the progressive tariff hike.

“Seventy-five percent of households escape the direct effect of the tariff hike but they will have to bear the burden as producers will pass on the higher costs to consumers,” he said when contacted.

As a result of inflationary pressures, Yeah said that it is advisable that the government stagger its subsidy cuts for different items, for example for petrol.

“If the government cuts subsidies for petrol now it will be a double blow for producers who will in turn put pressure on consumer prices,” he said.

Earlier today, Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin said that for those using 301kW to 1000kW units, the tariff has been raised from 0.1 to 10 percent, or RM0.07 to RM30.30 beginning June 1.

The ministry estimates that the small-scale food processing industry and retailers and small restaurants, which use less than 200kW, would only sustain a tariff increase of between 6.2 percent and 6.4 percent.

The government also said that industries for which 5 percent of its expenditure is made up of the electricity tariff would be unaffected as the tariffs will remain unchanged.

This, however, does not cover all industry players who use more than 200kW units a month.

Chin also announced that users whose electricity bills is less than RM20 will have to pay their bills beginning Dec 31, 2011.

Yeah said that this would put more pressure towards the low-income group, even though the amount could be small.

“It may not be significant but it nevertheless is an additional utility expense for the poor and should have been absorbed,” he said.

a kugan detention death funeral ummc to puchong 280109 kuala selangor mp dr dzulkefly ahmadThe government has to fork out RM122 million in order to provide free electricity to 900,000 such users. According to Kuala Selangor parliamentarian Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (left), the burden on the poor should be seen not just in terms of quantum but also in proportion to their wages.

“Low income earners find it difficult to get pay rises as it is,” he said, adding that RM20 would represent a higher proportion of a low-earner’s income compared to those who earn more.

The PAS central committee member added that hikes in food prices in a second round effect will be a double blow for low-income families.

“Food prices do not differ for the rich or the poor. Essentials are the same price for everyone so when the cost of groceries increase for the rich, it will hurt the poor even more,” he said when contacted.


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