#checkout: Art talk

Just sharing some info for upcoming art talk that will be held at National Visual Art Gallery in April. If you are in town, Mark your calender! art lectures do bring your student to this event ๐Ÿ™‚


Curator Talk collaborate between NVAG and Rumah Air Panas (RAP) Artists Collective “Curator and Institution-Curator as Institution” – a talk on Curatorial concern, vision, strategies and projects by Biljana Ciric

DATE: 17 April 2012 (Tuesday)

TIME: 230pm โ€“ 430pm

VENUE: Auditorium National Visual Arts Gallery

ABOUT ART TALK: Curator and Institution-Curator as Institution
… …
Contemporary art in China underwent many changes in the last decade that tend to pose question on how to continue working as an artist and curator in such environment. Monotonous way of production that mostly relies on exhibition as final product challenges curatorial role and his/her involvement, making the curatorial role more complex.

What does it mean to be a curator in such an environment today and how could curatorial role be seen as a mediator that produces differences, and contribute to knowledge production. Today, contemporary art is seen as product of globalization. But the term mondialite by Eduard Glissantโ€™s proposes a form of globality which is very different from the term globalization that we all experience today in many aspects as a condition that we all have contributed to and achieved. Globality can be understood as a resistance to globalization through a global dialogue that produces difference. These differences are our valuable contributions to the world that brings the possibilities of creating new models and formats. Ciric sees these differences as importance on conducting in depth research on regional and local histories to understand historical context and present them in relation to the rest of the world.

Through series of introduced project during the lecture from research on Shanghai Contemporary Art Archive 1979-2009 and History of Exhibitions to regional research conducted in recent years and recent project Institution for the Future that showcases artistsโ€™ collectives and small, independent, para-institutions from various Asian countries who are actively engaging with their local arts scenes and who attempt to contribute to the development of an arts infrastructure in their regions, to project on live based art and performative aspects titled Taking the Stage Over is series of curatorial strategies of responding on change of our working environment.


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