Feature Article: Rejuvenating Suburbs #betterKL

Just sharing a feature article on Staripad July 9th issue- talk organised by #betterKL on Rejuvenating Suburbs. It was a great experience to be invited as speaker and also be part in a lively discussion on ways to rejuvenating Suburbs with 3 other speaker Nani kahar (Architect), Seksan (landscape Architect) and Suresh(security consultant). Interested to know what was discussed > Read Full Article at this link

images: by the star (staripad)

Just a note About #betterKL : Poskod is a website about who we are and where we live. It’s a collection of writing and photography that aims to capture modern Malaysia through the eyes of its citizens, bringing you stories from the street up. Read more about #betterKL at this link 

About the Poskod Talk 4-REJUVENATING SUBURBS: The theme  will be “Rejuvenating Suburbs“. Suburbs have traditionally been residential neighbourhoods, existing as part of a city but generally removed from the bustle of the inner city — a place you go home after a long day at work. Do neighbourhoods play a role beyond merely residential areas — more importantly, can they?