Edible City: Grow the Revolution


Edible City: Grow the revolution. Watch more inspiring Film for action at http://www.filmforaction.org (Image by filmforAction)


Edible City, a 60 minute documentary film, tells the stories of the pioneers who are digging their hands into the dirt, working to transform their communities and do something truly revolutionary: grow local Good Food Systems that are socially just, environmentally sound, economically viable and resilient to climate change and market collapse.

Sustainability for all not Just the RICH. RECLAIM back idea on sustainability!

this film is a good example what is sustainable living all about. change is about how ALL can benefits not just the few. the act and art of making change and beauty of activism is about how ALL can understand the cause, participate and engage (such as children and people with family) not just the singles, the non-parents or the “activist”  because when you talk about change is for  you, me and us to act to create better place & living for the “children” and not just Us and not just for now.

Learn how other countries create a sustainability living that can be enjoy by everyone. Being green or sustainable living is not just about installing solar, hybrid cars and product, no to plastic campaign for 1 day every week, taking public transport and turn of electricity  only during earth hour etc… its more than that!

I am very skeptic about any so-called green campaign that’ve been done by “our” govt whether its from the Federal or State. I wrote a respond on greenrebate that was introduce by Selangor stategovt, you can read here and some idea on permaculture at this link. Here is the excerpt from the previous posting on greenrebate;

Looking back at the article on rewarded citizen with #greenrebate. Lets just asked ourselves, who afford a solar heater?  How much does it cost to install it? To install a solar water heater, it can cost you from RM 3000 to RM5000 depends on gallons/liter. Like i said, not many of us do have that such amount of money, I can say that only the high income earner would have the opportunity to buy and install the solar heater at their own home, so they could enjoy the eco-friendly house and also earn the benefits of the rebate from the state goverment. well, its good business for the rich helping the rich i must say, but what about the mid-income or low income? Aren’t these group should be the priority for the state to provide “assistance” so could less burden on the high living cost now days? Instead of awarding citizen tax-redemption that is so cliche and only rich can afford, why dont the state give out state own land to local community to run acommunity garden? RM500 can supply a lots of seeds and provide tools for gardening, RM1000-3000 can bring an expert to give trainings to people interested in urban gardening, permaculture, or open a resource center focusing on Eco-friendly living.

I think its about time the Selangor state to think back on all the green campaign. Not just think, think critically. Its not just about doing and running an eco-friendly campaign, its about sustainability, if the Selangor state can’t even think about programs that benefit all citizen towards Sustainable future, then just cut the crap out of your slogan on helping the rakyat (citizen) on  making changes. The way i look at it is  90 % politic and 5 % money oriented and 5% eco-green sustainability friendly and its SUCKS!

See other links and example on more sustainability programs:

1) Australia Govt: Taking Action for the Future: How organisations make successful change for sustainability , http://www.environment.gov.au/education/publications/taking-action.html

2) Cuba Argiculture: http://www.cubaagriculture.com/agriculture-today.htm

3) National Action Plan for Education for Sustainability; http://www.environment.gov.au/education/nap/index.html

4) Urban Argiculture-Urban Gardening; http://www.mrsc.org/subjects/parks/comgarden.aspx

5)Florida Green school Awards-recycling; http://www.dep.state.fl.us/waste/categories/recycling/pages/educate.htm




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