I love the Idea, concept and the beautiful artwork. Thumbs up !

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photos taken By Leigh Righton, a Vancouver based portrait photographer who recently launched a collaborative project called EMBODIED that allowed her to explore the relationships we have to our bodies and to encourage a positive shift in perspective. The first photo is of the installation on display. Click to see larger.

About these photos: The concept behind Embodied was intended to celebrate the human body and the ways we are each unique. I photographed roughly 30 participants who allowed me to turn my camera to a part (or parts) of their body that that they had struggled with in some way. To some this was an opportunity to share aesthetic vulnerability, to others it meant disclosing physical ailments or chronic pain. Each subject was also asked to submit a hand written explanation of their relationship with the area photographed. While this installation was created to honor and showcase the…

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