protect our children

When she was 2yrs old, friends told me i would need a shotgun to protect our daughter (above image) . My partner said, why would i? Look at her, she’s very attractive. Now we think we’re gonna need one after a psycho paedophilia put a Bata brite white shoe polish on one of her panties outside the house. This psycho kids monster put it exactly on the v area of it. We found out that this is not the first incident had happen. 2 or 3 days before this incident, someone had been messing around with the cloths that we hang outside, including the same panty that this morron put the brite on it, and have put it at the stairs near by. Our daughter was a bit trauma and shock but she’s quite OK for now. She goes to school today and she told us that she’s gonna be okay if we are with or around her. I’ve took a few days off from work after the incident.

We share this story to you so we can always take serious care about our kids and the kids around us. This could be happen to anyone, anywhere.


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