From Small seeds, Big trees grow! check out our latest #sekam video

#SEKAM  (Sekolah Kebun Akhir Minggu) is an independent citizen initiative. #Sekam is design to give basic education on gardening and life skills for kids, parents and also interested individual.

Design by Medialegal
Design by Medialegal

#‎Sekam Workshop, is free of charge as our ways to give back to the community on knowledge we gain thru our experiences growing our own food garden. We plan to have regular #sekam workshops each month for children and teenagers, however for interested individual who would like to have a session with us, kindly contact us via email to send your request.
This workshops will have 2 sessions, which will take place every Saturday on 1st and 3rd week of each month. Each month we are looking for participant that would like to participate for Sekam’s  workshops.

Help us grow by sharing this info with your contacts also by participating in our workshop.

If you interested and wants to know more, do email us at :



Follow us on twitter: @kebunrumahkita

Checkout our tumblr:

We hope to meet you and grow some food at #Sekam, together.

The documentation below is our 1st pilot project that was done previously, which we plan to continue to run the workshop with the participation from the public.:

More #Sekam Workshops Photos
About #sekam (in bahasa) :
Brief report on 1st #sekam:


We would like to take this oppurtunity to thank individuals and community that have help us to make this pilot project possible.

Thank You!


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