#BAH A Fundraising Photography Exhibition for Pantai Timur Post-Flood Relief



Its been awhile since my last blogpost and this will be a short one. I’m curating a fundraising photography exhibition for Pantai Timur Post-Flood Relief organised by National Institute for Electoral Integrity (NIEI).  If you are in Kuala Lumpur, do drop by at Publika at the Black Bridge to view the exhibition and support this fundraising effort. All photographs are up for sale and the selling collected will be for the flood victims.


Fundraising Photography Exhibition for Pantai Timur for Post-Flood Relief.

National Institute for Electoral Integrity (NIEI) cordially invites all to “BAH” a fundraising photography exhibition for Pantai Timur Flood Relief. The objective of the exhibition is to raise funds that will be use as post-flood relief aid for the victims. The exhibition will showcase artworks by nine talented photographers; Adib Rawi Yahya, Afif Abd. Halim, Azreen Madzlan , Azrol Ali, Asyraf Rasid, DigitalDome, Hasnoor
Hussain, Ismail Othman, Michael Yip and Syahrin Aziz.

BAH, fundraising exhibition will be held from 24th January to 1st February 2015 at Black Bridge, Level G3, Publika Kuala Lumpur from 10am to 10pm.

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“Photography can put a human face on a situation that would otherwise remain abstract or merely statistical. Photography can become part of our collective consciousness and our collective conscience. It is a way to remember history and to try not to relive the mistakes of the past”. James Nachtwey.

Taken from various locations in Pantai Timur, these photographs have documented a devastating natural disaster that had happen in this country in Dec 2014. As an organization that supports citizen participation, community building and engagement and creative activism we feel that it is our responsibility as Malaysian to offer a
helping hand to the victims in times of need.

The selection of the photography was based on open call that NIEI had release on 9th January 2015. Ten of photographers submitted their photos and the selections was based on the theme given “Bah” based on the curatorial concept.

Photographers play a vital role in documenting events and happenings. Photography it self is an art form that use visual as medium to open public awareness, as voice for social commentary on the issues to create discourse on understanding the cause, effect on the current post-flood situation providing images that tells its own stories based on actual real life situation that happen in Pantai Timur.

We hope this exhibition will not only manage to raise funds for the flood victims but to also to empower more collective and communities to create pro-active role and solidarity supports in rebuilding together this country. NIEI will also open a donation box during the time of exhibition and welcome public donation in any amount to contribute for this cause. The showcase of photographs is also up for sale and the selling will be donated to the post-flood victims. If you are interested purchasing the photographs, kindly contact Ili Farhana at ili(a)niei(.)org(.)my or 013 694 1418.

NIEI would like to take this opportunity to thank all the photographers that have support the idea and their contribution. NIEI would also like to express our gratitude to Publika for providing us the venue for the fundraising exhibition and to individuals who have support and help us making this fundraising effort possible.

” Curatorial Notes ”

“BAH” is a short form word use in bahasa which means flood. Flood are regular natural disasters which happen nearly every year during the monsoon season. Malaysia have devastating flood record and one of the major in history of Malaysia was in 1971 “The Kuala Lumpur floods”, were The Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak had to declared a national state disasters in west Malaysia after almost all submerged by water due to heavy rains that fell incessantly for almost 1 week

In December 2014, Malaysia was hit by flood which was said more worse than 1971 and was one of the worse in Malaysia history which effected major areas in Pantai Timur. Besides from the devastating flood that happen in Pantai Timur and the damages that might take years to recovered, we have also seen a positive citizen participation and initiative from citizen on providing solidarity supports and helping hand to assists in flood relief.

The objective of this fundraising exhibition is to exhibit the photography as part of the important documentation on the current situation happen in this country. Photography it self is one of the best visual art form that document the real situation to give awareness on issues, open discourse on the context of country.

Its is important this time of need, we as citizen of Malaysia besides showing our solidarity support and assistance for the victims, to also take this natural disaster impact as a reflection on how human and nature, human with humans should be living in interdependency to create a sustainable living on earth. Let us grow for a better nation and learn from devastating 2014 Pantai Timur Flood.



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