#poetry “Chiaroscuro”

Poetry by me, with music collaboration Adi Restiadi

You can’t teach someone to writes poetry but you can train yourself to be aware of your senses and sound that you ignore… you need to listen to sound of your heart & thoughts in your head… jolt it down even though it does not make any sense at all.

This poetry, like most of my poetry are spontaneous, sometimes frontal ..a collage of self-expression. I usually pay attention to sounds that speaks in my mind… sometime I sketch it down in paper…most of the time inside my phone. Usually the sound comes in bahasa… but sometimes in english… in broken words, broken english, mix of slangs, a little bit of both english and malay. Words that at first does not make any sense but when you write … you can form a composition text, words… that create their own meaning. But poetry is not about words… but it need words to visualize it.

I rarely edit my poetry, its become my practices to write it all out, the thoughts, the feelings… the emotions… a mix of expression about how I feel about life either my personal life, things I observed…things that move me… things that grab my attention and my senses.

“Chiaroscuro” is a contrast between light and dark… in search of struggle to stay positive when in a negative state of mind… a battle to keep moving forward when all you see is no clear way of moving forward, a search of way in a mists…in search of solitude and calmness in this loud and angry world.  Poetry to me is also about process of self & inner healing.


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