Drugs don’t work…and wifi is kind of “drugs”.

And I hope you’re thinking of me
As you lay down on your side
Now the drugs don’t work
They just make you worse
But I know I’ll see your face again – the verve, Drugs don’t work

giphyA boy age 6 asked his mother about “what is drugs?” At that time, her mother was a bit disturbed because her internet quota had finished and the wifi was down and she can’t connect online, she can’t do what she usually does… online…  so  she told his son (while trying to connect with wifi without looking at his son) ” well” she said…”its something that makes you addicted, and always wanted to used it more and more, and hard to stop, because the body and mind demands it” and as usual her son interrupted while his mother tries to explained to him  “wait mom… you mean….its like  phone, tablet, youtube and computer? “

It took her a few second to process what she just heard  “hmmm, what did you said” she look away from her phone screen  and realised his son just walk out the room, leave her there, speechless.

crackberryWell, that actually happen to me with my youngest son. Kids do said the darndest thing and sometimes hit right u in the heart. As a kid, with no experiences seeing people on real drugs, might be hard for them to  visualise it, but referring to kids logic,  his responds are based on what he observed as he tries to connects what I’ve explained, what he understand from my explanation and tries to relate with what he observed everyday… and i guess with my unfinished explanation about “what is drugs?”… do connect him with what he felt, saw, observed and what we all do on daily basis.

I have to admit, in this new contexts of “drugs” … i do agree with my son point of view. Yes… ok… I’m addicted, I’m a “drug” user. Wifi is  kind of drugs, the social media is a new way of getting high and tripping… but aren’t we all addicted? im writing this not to pin point at anyone, its a self reminder for me and maybe can also be a self reflection for all of us.

How many of us are willing to admit it, that we are a “drug” user, whether we realise it or not, we giving this drugs to our children, to make them calm… so that they can get “high” playing games online, watch video and do what ever they want online, while we peacefully scroll down the newsfeed, play games, take some selfies, upload videos and photos.  Yes, we are in our own world, tripping in an online world, a world we felt we can say what ever we want to say, express our love, show or anger, proud with things we hated, be an expert on issues that matters to us and the list go on.

smartphone-addiction-illustrations-cartoons-28__605We choose  images that we want people to see us with all the impressive filters that can delete all the scars to proof that in reality the scars have its history and our own unique stories. We share information on what we feel its important to be share, we show our likes to things that we favored… we feel accepted when  people click “like” or feel loved when people press “love” on our posting… we feel supported by friends by how many people shared or repost our post, and we check constantly on how many likes, love, retweet and repost on one post posted like calculating savings on our future investment.

We feel that we are an activist that save the nature, human right fighter, animal rights protector and all kind or rights just by clicks and share on the posting. We felt we are the radical citizens by posting online commentary on local, national and world issues. We feel we are hippies by posting our hippies  outfits that we tried in a fitting room in some multi-national retail clothing company, fast-fashioned clothing and fairy tale hairdo etc etc with all kind of tags. We feel like we are the most expert and critical person online on current issues when we have online argument and debate  with our “friends online” . We feel well-known with hundred or thousand of our friends on our friends list…  and the lists goes on and on… we feel connected and  we keep connected on regular basis.

We are high…high online. tripping in this virtual online worlds.

But in reality… does that really count? do we feel more alive? accepted? loved? do we think change happen just clicking away, sharing away without any effort or action in real life? or  aren’t we all just another victim of another kind of drugs…? Oh yes…we are so addicted, we get high, and tripping inside this online media and surfing the net…  we neglected the people in front of us, sitting next to us…we fail to feel the beauty of  having face to face conversation now days. We felt awkward to talk with our  online friends when we met them in reality because our feeling how human should feel are slowly gone because we are so used  sending emoticon and smileys that express and represent our “feelings”… We fail to appreciated the sound of nature, its beauty of varieties of colours, shapes, forms and smells. We no longer enjoy to noise of children makes. Our hearts no longer touch with a real smile because our eyes are stuck on  the screen.

At this stage… i question myself… am i alive or some part of me slowly become dead.


Im not saying I’m better that you, i have to admit i do have my addiction, but comparing my self  previously when i was living in urban, now days i become less addicted.   I write about this…is to keep my soul alive on things that  can kill me slowly, again… or must I say, killing us all slowly.

We need to learn to detox ourself from social media, learn to disconnect and connect more to real life…. because you know what, the sun is beautiful, the night has its own  stories, sometimes happy and sometimes melancholic, the tress are not just in green  colour, asks yourself when was the last time you sniff a flower, touch the soils, laid on grass, look up at the skies? sings with bird, tell secrets to plants and trees, read poetry to the stars… embrace all the differences in our life  and appreciate the similarities in all differences in human relations. When was the last time we felt a lover touch that connects with our souls and kiss your heart ?  I believe we can slowly  enjoy the beauty of life, if we slowly stop our addiction to this new age drugs, once we learn when its important to connect and when its time to disconnected from the internet… because if we overdose ourself with online world, we  are killing our soul as human in reality.


change…. is never easy, but its worth a try…


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