Odalan and Beauty in their prayers

i love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple and pray in your church, for you and I are the sons and daughter of one religion, and it is the spirits -Khalil Gibran


Beauty in their prayers… the sound of chant prayers, the elegance of balinese in kebaya and sarongs,  the used of colourful  and frangance flowers in their prayers and offerings. The temple decorated in colorful golden clothes,  shrines are cleaned,  family members gather to celebrate the temple ceremony and perform prayers.



I’ve  had my chance to witness the Odalan Ceremony at a household compound’s family temple  here near from our farm. The ceremony taken place at temple (Pura ) at one of our close family friend here in Banjar Panglan.

The ceremony is to honor the deities that rule over the temple by giving them a myriad of offerings such as fruits, rice cakes and flowers. This offerings are brought in on women’s heads and place at the temple. These are blessed with holy water by the temple Pemangku or priest.


Despite the rain, the ceremony when well and the atmosphere during ceremony was harmonious with family members all gather around the compond and temple.


It was an honour for me and my family to be invited to witness this ceremony and felt accepted as part of their family even though we have difference beliefs and religion .



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