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OffdAy for maids is a MUST!

I was so annoyed and angry about this maids and employer issue. Below was my anger that i had to express regarding the issues. It was also publish in malaysiakini.

OFFDAYS For Maids is A must! DEMAND OFFDAY Rights For Maids.(kindly read with open mind and heart)

By: Ili Farhana

Today, like any other weekdays morning, I will walked, take the bus rides and LRT to work while listening to the FLYFM Pagi show. I love the pagi show because they’ll picked up a topic in a news and discussed it on the radio with the listener that called them.

Sounds like a normal radio show right, not exactly, because today topic to me is interesting. So Phat Fabes (one of the RadioDJ) picks a topic regarding giving maids off-days and shockingly the statistics shows that 70% malaysian voted NO to gave maids off-day! I was shocked by this result. This is so embarrassing and terrible, how can one say that maid should not given a day off? They are human and just imagine if me or you have to work all day without an off day and low paid… we too would be mad, depress,stress and tak puas hati with our bosses! we too will say fuck you boss, we are human not robots, we have feelings and other priorities, or we deserve to be treated equally.

Buruh bukan BudakLets face it, even though that I don’t believe that people need maids to take care of their home/children, but majority have maids. In shopping malls, or on a holiday we will see parents will walked in front with their classy&branded handbags and leave the kids behind with the maid. just imagine the maid will have to carry the boss shopping things on their hands and at the same time take care of their boss children/child! and these maid work on crazy long hours on weekdays and weekend they have to follow their bosses! so bila or when is their Off-day? if the bosses on holiday, the maid is there on their holiday but they still have to work and take care of their lazy bosses and kids.

SO DO YOU THINK ITS FAIR? it is not fair for the maids and also for our own kids!

As parents it is our responsibility to gave the attention and love to our own child. Do you think your child need the maid when you are around the house on weekend/ at night after we come home from work? NO! believe me they dont need or want the maid around them. They need and want their parents! Just because we have hire maids that doesn’t mean we can take for granted our responsibility as parents! Dont make babies just to show off to friends at parties that you can make cute babies, but all the care and cuci taik semua your maid yg buat! we work from 9-5/6/7pm come back home feeling tired and trust me, so does these maids, and believe me it is not easy to take care of the child, cooked, clean the house etc, sometimes I can’t do it alone. Again, your maid is a human, they need rest, and their own time and space after a long day work. But like I said as a parents, even if you’re tired from home it is not an excused, its parents that have to entertain/gave attention to your child. just imagine even on weekend the maids will bring the child to playground and accompany them. Dont blame the maids, if your child smells like their armpits! because it is not their fault, just ask our self where were we when the child is growing up? Personally i think parenting is not just support them financially but emotionally.

Correct me if I’m wrong but to me, working as maid, is also a profession and deserve equal, same treatment & deserve benefits, like any other employee should get from their employers such as off days or medical support etc. Do you think they come here purposely to serve us Malaysian? IF so, that is a laziest thought a human being can have.
No, they don’t come here just to serve us lazy malaysian, but they had to come here to work and find job opportunities here so that they can support their families back home. So it is the same concept of “work” that we do/ believe/worship except differences in catagories,fields,experts etc etc- But it is still a JOB!

We hire them as maids meaning they are working for Us, but that doesn’t mean that we can treat them as robot or worse slave! True, they work at our home, we gave them room to sleep etc, but that is their “benefits” choosing MAIDS as a profession. do you think they’ll enjoy the benefits if they go to banks and ask for home loans? I don’t think so. And by all means, they deserve an off-day (like saturday/sunday) that we enjoy. Offday for maids meaning they don’t have to any of the job description when we employed them. So when they’re having their day off then it is our responsibilities to do our own chores over the weekend/on our off day.

Kerja bukan AniayaI am proud to say that I be friends with some of the maids that I met. And they are lucky to have nice and fair bosses, but many of their friends dont. They have to work long hours, low paid, no medical support and sometime treated like these maids are not human.. force to take contraceptive pills so that you wont get pregnant even if they are married (I’m sorry, but i strongly believe that it is individual rights and choice whether or not to have kids), They cant have a love relationship or date… come on, these are natural human feelings, how can you stop love? love is beyond borders and we can’t control it. In relation to this love thing, so there is this one caller (from the pagishow) said that their maids fall in love, get pregnant etc etc..To me if it is about behavior/attitude problems, please settle it like normal people do, that is talk about this problem to the maids. but if the problem still not solve then just find other maids that respect your regulations etc. But don’t treat them like they are dogs .Even dogs have feelings that should be respected.

Both side, the bosses and maids should respect and consider one another. Just imagine if you are treated that way from your bosses would you like that? I’m sure you also cannot tahan and will get stress and protest. same with this maids, because you know what they are just like us HUMAN beings.

********MAIDS IS NOT ROBOT…AND A CHILD IS NOT A LEGO/Toys!*****************

-this was posted on Facebook notes on-Friday, June 19, 2009 at 2:54pm
-Also been publish in MalaysiaKini, Letter to Editor : http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/106993


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