Brief History of Jatiwangi Art Factory


Jatiwangi Art Factory

Jl. Makmur No. 604

Desa Jatisura

Kecamatan Jatiwangi

Majalengka 45454

Jatiwangi is a village close to Cirebon on the north coast of West Java. The area is big on rice and terracotta tile production but distant, geographically and metaphorically, from the Indonesian contemporary art scene.[1]

In interview with Ginggi S. Hasyim, one of the directors of Jatiwangi Art Factory, he explains that majority of Jatiwangi societies are from industrial (mainly on ceramic roof tiles) and agriculture sector, and not like cities in Jakarta, Bandung or Jojgakarta, most Jatiwangi villages was not exposed to contemporary arts and does not have an art background.

Historically, the JAF family was an entrepreneur and has run ceramic roof tiles over 20 decades. The Art Factory was establish in 2005 by Arief Yudi and Loranita Theo, with support of brother Ginggi S. Hasyim. Ginggi, who was also the head for Kecamatan Jatiwangi (a group of villages in Jatiwangi)   believes that art festivals, residencies and workshops play an important role in enhancing creativity within the community.  Jatiwangi Art Factory operates as a space for arts and expression. Realising that the surrounding of Jatiwangi is rich with raw material, the JAF community reuse the raw material to make object for daily used to minimal the consumption cost. The first idea was to have an art space where they can create and make artistic banal object. Villagers that have come to JAF have become part of JAF “family” community.

The introduction of contemporary arts activities in JAF starts to developed with the involvement of Arief Yudi, where he have exposed and introduced activities such as painting and making sculpture together with the community in JAF. But what interesting was, the JAF community started promoting arts to public in villages where they set up small theater or puppet performances in market, villagers and even on street. From there, both directors, agreed to set up the art factory as a space for local and international artist to make works, dialogue/exchange, workshops and talks.


Images of Jatiwangi Art Factory (Desa Jatisura)

Jatiwangi Art Factory community and family
Jatiwangi Art Factory Scupture studio
Jatiwangi Art Factory surrounding in Desa Jatisura
Jatiwangi Art Factory surrounding in Desa Jatisura

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