Days of Residancy in JAF 08

DAY 1: Arrival Day/2nd August 2008

On 2nd August 2008, 11 particate artists, 1 researcher, 1 observer and 2 organizer gather in Jakarta Train stations at 2.00pm. The journey to Ceribon takes about 4 hours from Jakarta. We have managed to arrive at the Ceribon train station around 6.00pm. Both JAF director and organiser, Ginggi and Arief has welcomed us there and manage transportations for all participate artist from Ceribon Station to Jatiwangi. The journey to Jatiwangi takes almost about 40 min from the station.

Welcome dinner. Performance by Wawan Husien and international artist, Paolo Nazareth from Brazil.

At Jatiwangi Art Factory, the organizers have organized a welcome dinner for all the festival participate and also the host for the residency. Villages nearby have also invited for this dinner. The dinner starts by the organizer gave a brief introduction about the event, follow with the brief induction on the artist participate and residency host, continue with the residency programme and the JAF festival. There are also 2 translators to translate both languages (bahasa Indonesia-English) since majority of the audience does not speak English as their mother tongue.

The agenda continue with the ice-breaker session; each participant artists where introduce with their individual host. After the introduction session ended, the dinner continues with a spontaneous welcome performance by local artist, Wawan Husien and international artist, Paolo Nazareth from Brazil.

DAYs of RESIDANCY: 3rd-7th august 2008

Artist(Angga) and curator meeting hosts during the residancy in JAF
Researcher doing school visit getting feedback from teenagers about their opinion on the festival

Artists participated lived with the local villages from various background and class such as farmers, single mother, shop owners, local school teachers, egg sellers, roof tiles workers/entrepreneurs to chief village.

Majority of the local villages in Jatiwangi are Muslim and most of them still living in a society of modern semi-traditional. Although most of the locals are conservative in their religion practices, they are open minded and always happy to discussed and share their point of view either on life, culture or even believe/religion.

Artist video workshop with teenagers. (Artist: Carrie Morris)

During the residency, the villagers did not treat the artists that come to their village as something special. There have been interesting interactions between artist and local villages. Each host has treated the artist not just as guest but as part of their family. When they were asked the difficulty that both side faces, most will say it’s hard to communicate in language at first but they learn thru their diversity, thru their willingness and openness to learn each other culture, life and ways in living daily life together.Β­

Artist, Aswad Ameir discussing & inviting one of JAF host (Ibu Icih) to participate/contribute stories for his performances.

Each participant artists was given 5 days to prepare their artwork presentation. Most collaboration with the villagers and artist happen in this duration of time. Volunteers, artists and villagers have worked together in preparation of artwork/performance, for example material preparations, organizing video workshops with teenagers, preparingΒ  artwork (such as contemporary wayang) and lanterns for installations, school visiting/ site preparations.Organizers have visited each artist to get updates on the progress of work, help them out on the artists needs and also for creative development. Since most Jatiwangi villagers and volunteers does not have a background in arts, a lot of discussions & relax conversation took place between organizer, artists and the villagers. This creative process has helped the artwork to developed more close not only with the artist experience& idea but also with the villagers as well. The most important values that shown by the organizers and volunteers were all artists that have participated in the festival, whether local or international, well-known artist or young artists deserved an equal treatment or attention from organizer and also volunteer.


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