Selected Artwork/Performances in JAF 2008

Carrie Morris (USA)

Carrie’s idea and artwork explore the story telling through wayang shadow puppetry. She have organize a shadow puppet workshop at the host home ( Ibu Yuyum) with the villagers around and also invited the villagers to participate in the shadow puppet performance during the festival. Most of the participants of the workshop are young teenagers and children.  The idea of the workshop of was to share knowledge about traditional and contemporary Indonesian shadow-puppetry and to enable others to utilize puppetry as a method of creative expression, communication and community building. [1] The artist and the participants have collaborate and come up with a story about JAF08 artists and the festival.


Angga Wedhaswhara (INDONESIA)

In Angga’s work, the artist has raised issues in relation to the soil used for roof tile production in Surawangi. Since roof tiles production in Jatiwangi was one of its main productions, these roof tiles are manufactured using traditional methods. Ironically, majority villagers are farmers and soils is an crucial aspect in the lives of the community, both for rice planting and the manufacture of roof tiles.  Because of these the artists thinks that it is important to have a further discussion about the balancing needs of farming and tile production, dealing with dilemma of using the soil for roof tile  productions and providing education. Angga have presented two type of performance in JAF 08, in his first performance he had performed as atour guide walking the audience through the rice fields from which clay also supplies for roof tiles productions. While giving the audience a tour, he had also, set up a video documentation that was been used for his second performance. In the video interview, he had an interview session with Ginggi and also Pak dawud- a pensioner and war veteran who looks after the rice fields. The artist has performed as host in his second part of his performance, inviting Ginggi as the guest-star.

Selected images from artist performances

Emilia Javanica (USA) performing a Jaipongan mask dance (a newer traditional dance style from West Java) Emilia performed the mask dance at Surawangi with Anex, a local Jatiwangi ArtTFACTORY member, on the first night of the festival. There was a large audience of local villagers and artists who filled the compound outside the home of ibu Yuyum’s (host of Carrie Morris). Audience members were invited to join in the dance. the village.
: Ezzam Rahman (Singapore) performance, giving the sense of togetherness. He had gone around inviting villagers to participate in his work drawing the shape of their hands on cardboard. During his performance, he allowed only small groups of people to view his work in the kitchen as the space was quite tiny.
Fajar Abadi’s work dealt with moral/religious values in human relationships. Before the performance, the artist has organized a workshop with the Madrasah Ibtidaiah in Kapur, and they made painted windsocks, where the artist, children and teacher marched along with the windsocks. The idea was to show their gratitude and sincere appreciation on both teacher and student.
Suleaman Akbar aka Bebe (Indonesia-Malaysia) collaborative performance with JAF artists. The artist invited artists/villagers, to participate and to catch duck (represent/symbolize as nature), while bebe performs as a person who control the game (system)
Aswad Amier (Malaysia) performing as postman and reading story’s that he collected from selected villagers and read it back to the people of Jatiwangi art fest.

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