Drugs don’t work…and wifi is kind of “drugs”.

And I hope you're thinking of me As you lay down on your side Now the drugs don't work They just make you worse But I know I'll see your face again - the verve, Drugs don't work A boy age 6 asked his mother about "what is drugs?" At that time, her mother was a bit... Continue Reading →


#cover Playground Love

Compilation of my photos of sunset, sunrise and wild weeds/flowers that I took near my place at Pejeng, Bali. I did this cover song (only the singing and mixing... but not instrumental sound) . i think this songs fits the photos ... well at least for me. I don't own the copyright of the instrumental... Continue Reading →

#poetry | Weeds

love, you are like weed... that grows in the hardest soils. without rain... you strive, to show that love...oh love is possible during madness and chaos inbetween days, of hopeless... and melancholic grey shades. our thoughts collide, from a galaxies of dreams only dreamer understands... your heart is where the wild flowers grows.... our moment... Continue Reading →

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