#poetry “Chiaroscuro”

Poetry by me, with music collaboration Adi Restiadi You can’t teach someone to writes poetry but you can train yourself to be aware of your senses and sound that you ignore… you need… Continue reading

Across The Universe #coversong

Press play. 🙂 Cover “Across the Universe”(The Beatles/ Fiona Apple Version) . Note: I dont have the copyright of the song and music. Music from Youtube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eSDdPxdseo I just like… Continue reading


Darkness, u come to me…. like a fullmoon has it own cycle shadow keep humming the song s…a…r…r…o…w in my soul. A plastic smile on my face with numb feeling of emotions, banal… Continue reading

life in grey

i no longer draw or paint black marks kisses my skin few things i missed smell of turpentine and linseed oil mixing colour people say its not good to sniff it hell yeah… Continue reading


The Role of the Arts in Political Protest

Originally posted on Mobilizing Ideas:
By Ron Eyerman Understood in the broadest sense to include music and street theater as well as all forms of visual representation, artistic expression has an undisputed place…

I wish my soul could sleep…

I wish my soul could sleep when i close my eyes, As it search between darkness of life, In light of dreams, I wish my soul could sleep when i close my eyes,… Continue reading

TEST PRINT: Menanam semula aspirasi seni cetak konvensional.

Berkongsi penulisan saya  yang ditulis utk katalog pameran Cetak Kolektif. Pameran Test Print oleh Cetak Kolektif telah dipamerkan di HOM Art Trans pada Dec 2014. Info lanjut boleh layari di HOM ART TRANS ______________________________… Continue reading