Arts & Community Research

Research 01: Jatiwangi Art Festival, Jatiwangi Indonesia  (2-10 Aug 08)

Report Prepare by: Ili Farhana Norhayat

Researcher would like to acknowledge to all individual who have supported this research:
Matahati Artfund, Ahmad Fuad Osman, Jana Rumminger, Joe Kidd, Nurul Amani, Rat, Saiful Razman, Yee I Lann, Yustoni Volunteero, Juliana Yasin, Heru Hikayat, Arief Yudi, Ginggi Hasyim, Ibu Icih (researcher host in JAF) all artists participate, JAF volunteers, Jaf Hosts, Jatiwangi villagers, individuals involve and beloved husband & Children; Akbar a.k.a. Bebe, Sidra & Athari.

Research Project: 01/jatiwangi Art Festival (2nd)•Date Duration:  2nd-10th August 2008•Venue: Jatiwangi , Indonesia

To continue reading click link below:

1) Research Synopsis

2) Brief History of Jatiwangi Art Factory

3) Jatiwangi Art Fest: Intro Jaf 06 and About Jaf 08

4) Days of Residancy in JAF 08

5) Selected Artwork/Performances in JAF 08

6) Conclusion

Other info on upcoming Jatiwangi Art Festival 2010:

Do visit JARF website and blog to know more about the upcoming Jatiwangi artist in residence festival  2010 that will be held in June .


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