Reseach Synopsis

Reseach Synopsis

This research project explores the importance relationship on art and community in bridging with current issues and to see how arts can be used as a creative ways to empower, advocates, sharing knowledge between art practitioners, public, activist and etcetera in culture, politics, social etc. In particular the research focuses on organizing art event or project that involves the participation with local community and public.

Despite the momentum and growing interest to understand the importance relationship between arts and community, the training opportunities for coordinating such art projects still remain limited and interaction between artists and public is minimal.

The needs and direct involvement of changing experiences and gathering knowledge with the organizer, coordinators, artists and also the public will help to develop organizing skills such as planning and strategy, coordinating, networking and etcetera. Such exposed and involvement would seek to strengthen the capacity in the art field to tackle on current issues on how to bring arts closer to the public. By doing this research this will not only gave opportunity for self-development in organizing skills but to deepen the understanding of the importance relationship in engage the arts and public

The objectives for the research from the selected art festival are:

1)       To develop the understanding on arts and community and help researcher to understand how arts can be bridge with local people in understanding issues.

2)        To provide exposure in organizing art festival (project/programme) that has direct interaction between artist and local people.

Methods AND administrative


Interview session with curator of Jatiwangi art festival Heru Hikayat

In order to gain more information on the preparation of festival and background/about etc, researcher have conducted short interview with individual involves. Beside that a lot of non-formal or direct discussion between the researcher, artists, volunteers of the festival, hosts and villagers have took part during the research. This is to see the importance relationship that have involve in the development of arts in a society, the relation of the artist and the public, the involvement of current issues in the development of creative process (whether in organizing or development of the artwork).

Lists of people that have been interviewed are:

–          Organiser:  Ginggi Hasyim

–          Curators: Juliana Yasin and Heru Hikayat

–          Artists Participated: Angga Wedhaswhara, Carrie Morris, Colin Reaney, Karee Dahl, Isak Berbic, Aswad Ameir and Mongkol Pleinbangcang

–          Hosts: Ibu Tina, Ibu Ichih, Mbak Titi and others

Interview session with artists
Interview session with artists

Interview session with artists on development of artwork & involvement of villagers. (Left to right: Ili, artists; Isak Berbic, Karee Dahl and Colin Reaney)

Observation and Data Collection

During the research the researcher has observed and works closely with the coordinator in coordinating the festival with the local public. This have gave the researcher direct involvement in developing organizing skills in managing, coordinating and networking. Documentations such as digital photograph and video have been done to document the festival.

JAF curator, Juliana (left) & Heru (center) discussing with artist Ezzam(right)on development of his work.

chapter:  Brief History of Jatiwangi Art Factory


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