Jatiwangi Art Fest

Introduction- 1st Jatiwangi Art Festival 2006

Jatiwangi Art Festival is a bi-annual art event organized through collaboration by Jatiwangi Art Factory director, Arief Yudi in collaboration with Heru Hikayat (Curator from Bandung) and Juliana Yasin (multi-discipline artist and curator from Singapore). It was reported that the 1st festival which was organized in 2006 turn out to be a major success.  The festival showcased multi-disciplinary works (films, paintings, sculpture, performances and etc) in the village of Jatisutera. About 15 participants from Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Greece, Japan and Turkey participated in the festival

The Jatiwangi festival was curated by Juliana Yasin (Singapore) and Heru Hikayat (Indonesia). Both curators and Arief Yudi (one of JAF directors) have meet up in several performance art event that was been held in Jakarta and Bandung. There, Arief have proposed to Juliana and Heru the idea to bring contemporary art such as performance arts and multi-displine arts to Jatiwangi (JAF) and to organize a festival there.

About Jatiwangi Art Fest 2008

Aims and Concept

“The guest-host concept is intended to push the borders of art and practice and to encourage the creation of art to reflect the ideas, traditions and issues of the community in combination with the ideas and artistic practices of the visiting artist. Participant can explore relationships between traditional-modern, rural-urban, global-local, etc. The festival aims to celebrate contemporary art as created within everyday life, Thus bringing art closer to the public”[1]

Festival Programme Jatiwangi Art Festival 2008 (JAF)

The 2nd Jatiwangi art festival 2008 will involve with short residency, workshop and talks. The villagers have hosted the 9 days residency and during the residency the artist collaborated with their respective host or other invited artist to create new art work for the festival.

Date Details
Aug 2 Arrival of local and foreign artists taking part in short residency
Meeting and introduction between participants and villagers (hosting the artists in residence)
Aug 3-7 Short residencyWorkshop & Talks

Artists reside in villages [Jatisura, Surawangi, Sutawangi, Mekarsari, Logi & Cibogor]

Aug 7 Opening of JAF & ExhibitionPerformances

Performances by 3 artist and locals from several villages

Aug 8 Participants present works created during their residency for the event
Aug 9 Participants present works created during their residency for the event
Participants present works created during their residency for the eventClosing of event

[1] Press release: The 2nd Jatiwangi Arts Festival 2008, 2-10 August 2008, Jatiwangi, West Java


Structure of festival

The Event

5 Village involve: Jatisura, Surawangi, Sutawangi, Loji and Cibogor.

The event was divided into two phases

1) 5 days of residency (2-7 August 2008):

images of jatiwangi serrounding

Each individual artist has a host while their stay in Jatiwangi. Participating artist have an opportunity to experience the life, culture and tradition of the jatiwangi villages and at the same time, as an artist they can share their own cultural background and perceptive with their host. Each individual artist has developed their own artwork or collaborates with other artist to create artwork within their selected venue together with their host to create new artwork. There have been meetings, talks, workshops and visiting programmes during the residency period. Artists participated have develop their idea during the residency and exhibited/showcase their talents. Artist was encouraged to use materials available from Jatiwangi.

2)       Festival (8-10 August 2008):

The festival was open on the 7th August night. The festival started for 3 days from 8-10 August in which artist and hosts presented their artworks and performances.

“The Jatiwangi arts Festival organizer team will act as a third party; a bridge to connect artists and their hosts by facilitating the exploration of ideas and collaboration between artist and hosts.”[1]

[1] Press release: The 2nd Jatiwangi Arts Festival 2008, 2-10 August 2008, Jatiwangi, West Java

Images of  few host houses for JAF 08

Artist Participate

All artists have been selected by the curators of JAF Festival. The participation of each artist was by a formal invitation. A close follow up with artist, curators and organizer have been done, once the artist have gave respond to the invitation by the organizer.

From there, the organizer and curator are responsible to make arrangement for the artist accommodation, transportation, host and discussion on basic concept of idea. Since this festival was not funded, artist that has agreed to join the festival have to arrange their own flight expanses to Indonesia.

For JAF 2008, about 18 artist, 1 researcher and observers have come to Jatiwangi and they are;

  1. Angga Wedhaswhara (Indonesia)
  2. Aswad Ameir (Malaysia)
  3. Carrie Morris (USA)
  4. Colin Reaney (Bosnia)
  5. Karee Dahl
  6. Isak Berbic (Australia)
  7. Dean Linguey (Australia)
  8. Emilia Javanica (USA-Indonesia)
  9. Ezzam Rahman (Singapore)
  10. Fajar Abadi (Indonesia)
  11. Mongkol Pleinbangcang (Thailand)
  12. Natasha Wei (Singapore)
  13. Paulo Nazareth (Brazil)
  14. Richelle Spence (Australia)
  15. Soge Ahmad (Indonesia)
  16. Ss Listyowati (Atieq) And Kentrung Merdeka (Indonesia)
  17. Sulaeman Akbar Aka Bebe (Indonesia-Malaysia)
  18. Yoyogasmana (Indonesia)
  19. Ili Farhana Norhayat (Researcher, Malaysia)
  20. Nurul Amani (Assistant researcher, Malaysia)
  21. Taring Padi Collective (Jogjakarta, Indonesia)


Artist, Carrie Morris with the local villages preparing the “wayang:” for performance night

Volunteer have also play an important role in Jatiwangi Art Festival.  The organizer has supervise that each artist have enough or at least minimum one volunteer to accompany them during the residency and festival. These volunteer is responsible to make sure that the artist knows where to gather the materials and other specific needs, to accompany them in search for their venue/performance site, and become the third person between the artist and the public. Even though they are not financially paid, but they have work hard and work as a team with each artist and between each volunteers to make sure that each day is run with a success.  These volunteers come from the village itself, from teenagers to farmers. They have organized their own time to work independently with the artist involved.


Below is the brief timeline research:

Date Time Venue Details
Aug 2 8pm Jatiwangi Art Factory Networking with the curators, coordinator, artist participate and villagers of the festivals.
Aug 3-7 Duration of residency Desa Jatisura, Loji, Surawangi, Sutawangi and Cibogor Interview with artist on their Workshop & Talks

Networking with the host- the artist residency documenting the venue/location for artist working space, site, School Visit.

Interview with local villagers.

Aug 7 8pm


Jatiwangi Art Factory Networking and documenting the festival

Aug 8 1-11pm Details: Refer Festival Section. Networking and documenting the festival

Interview with artist and local villagers.

Aug 9 1-11pm Details: Refer Festival Section. Networking and documenting the festival

Interview with artist and local villagers.

Aug 10 1-11pm Details: Refer Festival Section. Networking and documenting the festival

Interview with artist and local villagers.


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  1. Good Day!

    I am a staff of Cordillera Green Network, an environmental organization based in Baguio City Philippines. We are interested in this festival and would like to know if there will be one this 2011 or 2012?

    Thank you and more power to you!

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